Advertising campaign development

“You know you’ve reached the top when they’re Tweeting about your ad.”

Advertising is a requirement for any business. In order for customers to find you, they need to know about you! Campaigns help your business get noticed by people who perhaps wouldn't ordinarily consider you

Watermark, a Denver advertising firm, helps define your target audience(s), which media will best deliver the right message and help you find the “biggest bang” for your advertising bucks. With Smart Design, we develop attention-grabbing content and visuals to convey your key selling points, so you can connect with consumers and stay true to your company’s all-important brand identity.

Smart Stats:

  • The average person in a city will see more than 5,000 advertising messages each day (Source: Business Insider)
  • The most advertised brand in the U.S. in 2012 was AT&T, which spent $1.59B on advertising (Source: Adage)

Check out some of Watermark's advertising campaign development work:

Greeley Water

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