Multi-channel marketing

“Just like bacon…there’s no such thing as too much!”

When it comes to communicating with your consumers, the possibilites are endless. The trick is utilizing the media that best reaches your target audience

It all starts with your consumers. As a Denver marketing agency, we uncover your target personas and create a strategy of multi-channel marketing materials tailored to them. From print and radio advertising to “drip” email campaigns—Watermark uses Smart Design and creative solutions to conceptualize and develop adaptable messaging and striking visuals to communicate your brand  through a combination of inbound and outbound marketing channels and turn them into loyal fans.

Smart Stats:

  • 2.9 billion direct mail coupons were redeemed by customers in 2013 (Source: Eleventy Group)
  • A customer must see an ad or product multiple times in order for them to take the action you want (Source: 3to5 Marketing)
  • Consumers gain 74% brand recall when advertising is integrated across mobile, TV, and online (Source: Business2Community)