Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports 

“In this day and age, success and social responsibility go hand-in-hand.”

In today's business world, engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices are a must. A business' print or online CSR report reveals the company’s conscience, community involvement and responsible business practices.

As a leader in CSR design, Watermark highlights the steps your company takes to deliver commitment to the environment, social responsibility and business ethics, while staying true to your brand personality. We apply Smart Design to create award-winning reports, to include GRI indexing, if necessary. Engage your investors and showcase your company's all-important stance on social responsibility. 

Smart Stats:

  • 42% of people’s perception of a company is based on their view of the firm’s CSR practices (Source: StraightLine)
  • 88% of “millennials’ or ‘echo boomers’ choose employers based on strong CSR values (Source: StraightLine)
  • 70% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from a socially responsible company (Source: StraightLine)

Check out some of Watermark's CSR design work:

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